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Please add your name, your website details and a brief description of your business in a comment.

That is all we need at the moment, to help gauge the impact of all this.

As we get a clearer picture of the numbers of businesses and the sorts of traders affected, then relevant mailing lists, article links and other resources can be added to this site.


58 thoughts on “Sign Up Here

  1. renebaker

    I am a self-employed, internationally recognised, trainer of puppeteers. Although I am one of few, there is only so much I can earn a year running courses in this field and I live frugally at about break even point (£12,000-£15,000 a year). I have been working on an online training course and ebooks to a) be a bit more comfortable financially; b) be able to save for emergencies; c) be able to reach puppeteers worldwide that are looking for professional development as there are very few schools/courses available. This initiative was planned for 2015 but is now scuppered as I am a one-person self-employed business and can’t possibly fulfil the VAT MOSS requirements. Back to living frugally … I hope the roof won’t need fixing.


  2. Florian (@ektoutie)

    Florian Piesche, hobbyist game developer and part-time freelance translator at I’m not actually personally affected by VATMOSS as I have no paid-for games at the moment and translation services are “manually delivered” as per HMRC guidance, but it’s close enough to be very uncomfortable.

    If I eventually make a paid-for game, I would be forced to sell it through large corporate outlets only (which especially on home computers aren’t usually open to independent creators), and with translation being international by its very nature, I would pretty much have to stop this if the rules were at any point changed to include bespoke services and manual delivery.


  3. Paul Smith

    Paul Smith – owner of Paul Smith Computer Services. Authors of email software for small businesses. We export around the world. Most of our sales are B2B so not affected by the VAT changes, but we get a small number of B2C sales. We have been told that we cannot stop EU consumers buying our software as that would be discriminatory, so we have to update our websites & accounting software, and sign up to MOSS etc for about £50-£100 of sales a year.

    It’s bizarre that it’s much easier for us to sell to China or Burma than it is for us to sell to France.


  4. Sally

    We are a partnership working from home and producing a mixture of products and services largely aimed at the heritage education sector. Our combined income from the business is £12,000, so we’re very much a micro-business. One element of our business is knitting patterns, which are largely sold digitally via Ravelry at present and which account for a few hundred £ a year of income. Ravelry has very helpfully come up with at least a starting point for handling the VAT, but if we wanted to add other digital products that did not come under their umbrella we’d need to handle that ourselves.The impact of learning the new processes and implementing them at the scale our business is would be considerable.



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