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There are really useful pieces being written by any number of folk affected by this, from taxation and accountancy experts to online traders in different fields attempting to make sense of this, and often finding new reasons why it’s such a nightmare.

However, if you don’t happen to be reading the right Twitter Feed or Facebook timeline, it’s all too easy to miss them.

The main web focus of the campaign is now the EU VAT Action website where those of us who’ve come together to fight this are posting updates, answers to FAQs, resources and advice on effective action. Please do check it out.

The EU VAT Action campaign now has its own presence on Facebook.

One of the most important things is the survey EU VAT Action is conducting, to gather hard data on the problems people are facing, to put before the EU and UK authorities. Please complete the survey and have your voice heard.

There is also an EU petition addressed to Pierre Moscovici who is the man with the power to make the changes we need.

Please feel free to add further links (with brief explanatory notes where relevant) in Comments.

Enterprise Nation on the background to Issy Zinaburg’s online petition Please do sign the petition and publicize it to friends and family since this will affect customers too.

Knitwear designer Ysolda Teague on just how much a representative from HMRC didn’t know about the impact of VATMOSS on really small businesses.

Clare Josa explains how using Paypal won’t enable online sellers to obtain the required customer information.

Savvy Mums Business Website article, raising the issue of people being pushed back onto welfare benefits. Bear in mind that 80% of the recently self-employed are women.

How VATMOSS is the end of small enterprise in Britain – and how we can change it from Heather Burns, web design & ecommerce law expert.

EU VAT Changes 2015 – What You Can Do? further explanation and practical recommendations for actions.

A retired tax inspector’s verdict “badly thought out, badly explained, and badly handled”..

What is this VATMOSS mess?

Rachel Andrew explains the horrible implications of the EU VAT “Place of Supply” change

More from Rachel Andrew, including how badly this will affect customer experience.

Rachel Andrew now has a site collating Questions that have Answers and Questions that still need Answers!

Rachel Andrew also has her own round up of links and current information. Grab a tea or a coffee and settle in…

The Guardian on the impact on small businesses

The Writers’ Greenhouse is shutting up shop. Key information on how impossible complying with the associated regulations on storing customer data would be.

Deadstar Publishing’s View – includes further links


3 thoughts on “Links to Articles & Resources

  1. tiintax

    The promised “further guidance” from HMRC:

    Looks like: (1) you don’t need to set up a separate legal entity, you can just register for any EU sales and your non-EU sales will remain unaffected (i.e. you keep your non-VAT status till you hit £81k) but (2) it will be vitally important – and I can’t stress this too strongly!!!! – to hit the right button when you register for a VAT number and make sure you register for “digital services” > “supplies of digital services (below UK VAT threshold) under MOSS arrangement”


  2. Kevin

    Might be worth looking at possible solutions to complying while also trying to influence legislation. Here’s a company whose VAT recording solution seems sensible, free for under 20 transactions a month and claims the following:

    * Applies correct EU VAT rate
    * Creates a quarterly EU MOSS return
    * Issues e-invoices
    * Securely stores evidence for 10 years
    * ECB currency conversion for EU MOSS

    A bit technical to integrate though, so will try it myself and report back.


    1. dmbaction Post author

      Let us know how you get on – and how closely it does actually comply with the legislation. So far a couple of solutions come close enough to satisfy HMRC, even if strictly speaking they’re fudging a few details from, for example, the German legislative point of view.



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