A tangible result from all the hard work by the EU VAT Action team, backed by thousands of you.

So here’s a tangible result from all the hard work by the EU VAT Action team, backed by the thousands of you who’ve filled in the survey, written to your MPs and MEPs, made constituency appointments, rebuked your professional associations, so on and so forth.

David Cameron is set to challenge European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker over the impact of the new VAT levied on digital firms. The story’s also in the FT, though that’s behind a paywall online.

We did that. By which I mean ALL of us!

There’s still work to be done, of course. The latest EU VAT Action call to arms is here , and please do spread the word with all your friends and contacts across Europe and elsewhere overseas. Let them know this is the site to check for updates and information on who to write to and about what.

Now you must excuse me, as I need to prepare for meetings in London today and Brussels next week…

Clare Josa and I will be taking your concerns direct to the EU Commission and the European Parliament next week. On Tuesday evening Clare’s presenting our survey findings at a formal dinner on the barriers to the Digital Single Market, organised by the European Internet Forum, and attended by MEPs, their staff and the EU Commission / EU Council representatives.

On Wednesday morning, Vicky Ford MEP is hosting a breakfast meeting where we can directly brief MEPs, EU Commission Advisers and PayPal. We’re hoping for more MEP meetings later in the day, including meeting with the Dutch Labour MEPs, and hopefully a formal meeting with PayPal, where we will be pushing for them to release the customer’s VERIFIED country code for ALL transactions, as well as to allow 2+ rates of VAT per country, not just one.

No.10 Downing Street has also agreed to formally request meetings for us with Donato Raponi and Andrus Ansip later this month. Fingers crossed that this prompts something definite – we’ve had tentative arrangements thus far which keep getting postponed.

That’s the latest news! And hopefully explains why a lack of recent updates here doesn’t mean we weren’t still hard at work!


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