We’ve made the EU take notice. Now we must make them take action – and fast.

Today’s been another day of long and intense conversations. Clare Josa of EU VAT Action has been on the phone to Brussels on everyone’s behalf, bolstered by information and analysis from any number of informed sources as people work to nail the key issues here.

That Twitterstorm worked. Key EU Commission staffers are now fully aware of this imminent catastrophe and finally realise just how woefully misplaced all that ‘trust’ and ‘confidence’ has been, in 3rd party market places and payment providers taking on all the burden of compliance with all these rules.

So that message has got through. Now we have to convince them to act, and to act fast, to prevent small scale e-commerce traders shutting up shop on December 31st. That means generating the political will in all 28 member states to see the sense in quick agreement on short term solutions to keep people in business, as well as a firm commitment to reviewing the most problematic aspects of this legislation as soon as possible in the New Year.

Once again, this is where you all come in, plus friends, family, colleagues, especially those across the EU. Word of this is beginning to spread in Europe but thus far, still slowly. So the more you can do to boost the signal, the better. We need MEPs and national MPs in all member states finding a surge of email about this in their inboxes tomorrow and on Friday.

To make sure that the key EU players see all that in action, all emails should be cc to
Pierre Moscovici – pierre.moscovici@ec.europa.eu
Andrus Ansip – CAB-ANSIP-WEB@ec.europa.eu
Donato Raponi – Donato.Raponi@ec.europa.eu

Emails should also go to the Treasury in the UK, and the equivalent in other EU member states. If you can find out who the Fiscal Attache to the EU is in your country, that would be ideal. W’re currently looking for that information over at EU VAT Action. For the time being in the UK, send your emails to public.enquiries@hm-treasury.gsi.gov.uk. Please cc your email to David Gauke – gauked@parliament.uk

Explain –

1. The specific problems / challenges that the new EU VAT law has caused for you.
2. What actions are you taking? What is impossible for you to do.
3. What is the financial and human cost of this for you.

If you’re willing to be used as a case study, also cc your letter to euvataction@gmail.com

And once again, thank you for all you’re doing.


One thought on “We’ve made the EU take notice. Now we must make them take action – and fast.

  1. Tony Harwood

    You are assuming that the EU is an entity that has the tiniest bit of common sense. The truth is that there is little if anything productive or relevant that could not be done by Nation States.

    In years to come people will looks back on this Behemoth and wonder what we were thinking.




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