Update 9th December – Lots of Conversations.

The group of us who coalesced via social media and shared concerns about this, on behalf of everyone we knew affected, are now officially the EU VAT Action Team. We’ve been talking to the media, here and in Brussels, to civil servants and government officials. It’s been busy…

I’ll quote you Clare Josa’s latest update, as I can’t put things better if I tried.

“We have had discussions with a senior member of Vince Cable’s team throughout the past two days and the Department IS sympathetic towards our cause. They will be putting out a further statement tomorrow which will hopefully clarify things and update us on the progress being made on our behalf.
We are also expecting an announcement from HMRC very soon about the ‘how to’ on keeping your UK VAT exemption and some other news.
Basically, I know this update sounds a bit vague at the mo, but if this comes through as we are being led to expect, it will be positive news.
More soon hopefully! Thank you ALL for your hard work, your patience, your intelligent questions, your sense of humour and your dedication to finding positive solutions.

And let me add my own thanks for everything you’ve all done, merely by signing up here, by spreading the word, by writing letters, by signing the online petition, by keeping up the pressure overall. A conversation involves both sides listening as well as talking and it’s seeing those of us speaking up have got such substantial backing that’s secured us a hearing with the decision makers.

Further updates tomorrow!


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