Meeting with HMRC & Treasury

I mentioned that a meeting was arranged for today, via Enterprise Nation, for government representatives and some of those who’ve been active raising the huge problems this will create for the smallest of small businesses.

To my surprise, I was invited along, as of yesterday afternoon. So that was an early start, to get into London for 9am from Darkest Oxfordshire – for what turned into a day of meetings.

Rosie Slosek, another one of the women raising awareness of all this, posted a summary to Facebook which I’ll copy here – I endorse everything she says.

Also, thanks to this group, I was able to mention just how many types of businesses and traders will be hit by this – mentioning no names but referring to your various areas of activity. So that’s really, really useful.

And now I am really rather shattered, after catching a 6.30am train, so will give you Rosie’s summary

Just wanted to let you know that we had a brilliant meeting with HMRC and the Treasury (thank you so much to Emma @ E-Nation for making it possible). They sent very senior decision-makers – and a Cabinet Minister. It couldn’t have gone better and we really felt heard. What’s more, we can already see them taking action.
We just want to clear with E-Nation how the debriefing will go and then we’ll share a full update with you.
But in the meantime, I wanted you to know that your voices have been heard, they do now understand the magnitude of the challenges we’re facing, and they are committed to finding practical, workable solutions.
The details on how to join VAT-MOSS without losing your UK VAT threshold will be out next week. From the initial comments it sounds pretty sensible and workable.
As said, we’ll give you all the juicy details on the rest of the meeting as soon as we can.
In the meantime, PLEASE keep writing to your MP and your MEPs. It’s especially important for anyone in the non-UK EU to write to their MEPs, because we need to raise politicians’ awareness outside of the UK, for them to want to address this problem. The UK can’t change European VAT law on its own. Thank you!


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