Update – 2nd December – Mass protest is working so let’s keep it up!

Following the uproar on social media about VATMOSS and the whole mess, HM Revenue & Customs are meeting with representatives of affected groups this coming Thursday 4th December, with the assistance of the Enterprise Nation campaigning group.

I will report back on that.

Meantime, the more outcry there is about this, showing just how destructive it will be to our sector of the economy, the better.

Please continue to encourage family and friends to sign the original petition

For those of you writing letters, there’s a very useful website “Write to Them” where you can find your local, national and European elected representatives and choose which ones to email directly.

If you know other small traders like ourselves who’ll be hit by this, please bring this group to their attention. Saturday 6th December is apparently ‘Small Business Saturday’ so that would make very useful lead in to a press release if we can say this particular group is backed by say, 100 people?

I’m happy to write a press release – words is what I do, after all – and I’ll run it past a journalist or two beforehand, just to get some fresh input. If anyone wants to see that before it goes out, email me at the group address dmbaction@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “Update – 2nd December – Mass protest is working so let’s keep it up!

  1. Elizabeth

    why not hit the local press with the release too – pick the ten biggest cities and put out a call to businesses in those cities to give you a comment and be willing to talk to a journo. This would get the message out at grass roots. After all not that many digital microbusinesses are that engaged with social media (I never really used twitter or facebook until this)


  2. willmacmillanjones

    Can we also have a protest about Amazon’s tax policies, which are behind all this nonsense anyway? Do not forget, if you sell your ebooks direct THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOU at all. Unless you sell more than £ 80K worth a year.


    1. dmbaction Post author

      Amazon’s tax policies are beyond this group’s remit. True, if all you sell is ebooks and you only sell through Amazon, this isn’t your headache.
      Whatever Amazon decide to do by way of changing their non-negotiable Terms & Conditions to allow for this may well be your headache though.
      Everyone else with other businesses without suitable 3rd party platforms to sell though still has a major problem.


    2. raizscanlon

      It’s my understanding that this is precisely what affects us. There is no threshold for those who sell electronic products directly to EU residents (under the new scheme). But yes, if you are (also) selling through Amazon, that part of your income will not be affected … so far. Who knows what else will fall-out as a result.

      And frankly, Amazon are as entitled as any individual to legally minimise their tax exposure. Whether you agree with it morally or not is another thing.

      But this VAT nonsense is likely to cripple many small businesses (if the threshold is not upheld).

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